Jimmy Carter Really Was President Of the United States! - April 2, 1996 

Did you know that Jimmy Carter was never President of the United States? It's really a funny story, actually. You see, from 1976 to 1980 we had no president. The White House was empty in those years and we were run for four years by an oligarchy.

Okay, okay, the gig's up. As you can probably tell, I'm not being serious. Of course Jimmy Carter was President of the United States, but my question for you is this: could I have proved it to you otherwise? Let's play a game. Pretend (for fun) that we wanted to trick someone to believe that there was no President of the United States from 1976 to 1980. April Fool's day was yesterday, how would we fool someone?

I think, and you may agree, that the only hope we have is to go somewhere really far from here. We would have to travel to the remotest jungle where there is no newspaper, no text book, no CNN. We'd have to find someone who is not knowledgeable at all with US politics. Then maybe we could do it.

But I can tell you this, we'd NEVER be successful in Washington DC. Can you imagine us getting a hearing in front of the US Congress and trying to convince them that Jimmy Carter was never President of the United States? They'd call us crazy. They'd label us lunatics. They'd cast us out. You see, they knew Jimmy Carter. They had written bills that he had signed. They had been in long meetings, deliberations, press conferences. They knew Jimmy Carter. You can't get someone in Washington DC to believe that Jimmy Carter was never President. It wouldn't happen, not in 1976, not in 1996, not in 2006. It can't be done. No one would fall for it. They were there.

And here's where our game shows us something. You see, 2,000 years ago there was this rumor that Jesus Christ came back to life after 3 days of being dead. "It's a miracle!" "It's amazing!" "This proves Jesus is God and the only one who can forgive our sins," people exclaimed.

The early followers of Jesus Christ spread a story that Jesus was murdered, was buried, came back, and went to heaven 40 days later. But get this, they said that he was seen by over 500 people who were still alive!

This story was not circulated in the remotest jungles where no one had heard of Jesus. It was circulated in Jerusalem, at the sight of his death and resurrection, to people who were there. If Jesus did not rise, it would have been like convincing people in Washington that Jimmy Carter was never President. It can't be done.

This is one reason to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's as rational and sure as Jimmy Carter. It is my purpose in writing this to stimulate thought. That's what's so wonderful about college. It's a great place to think about things and see things in a new way. We're going to be talking about Jesus in a new way this Thursday, April 4, at 5PM, outside Stillings Dining Hall. There's going to be a presentation with question & answer time. Please come. Bring your ideas, your arguments, your friends, whatever. Just come and hear us out. This event is sponsored by Christian Impact and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. We're both recognized student organizations that want to stimulate discussion and thought about the greatest claims ever made: Jesus Christ came back from the dead, is God, and is the only way to have our sins forgiven. Is it true? We'd love to have you come and find out. Jimmy Carter can come too.