God is Alive and Well at UNH - April 19, 1994 

You ever have one of these days? Mac & Cheese for lunch, exam in Foods & Dudes, no mail at Stillings, and stalked by someone you don't know at night? We hope so much that no one will ever have one of those days, but it's happening at UNH. It's getting so bad, our school is attracting attention of national newspapers. What this does is slander our school and de-value our degrees. We are tired of reading that our fellow students are being beaten for walking around our campus. We're sick of finding out about fights, disrespect to the opposite sex, racism, etc. Really, it's unacceptable what's going on, and worse, it's degrading to us.

There will be many who think our answer is crazy, fanatical, and maybe even ridiculous. We'll accept that, but the bottom line is this; Can it get any worse than it is on this campus now?

We are students who are not ashamed to say that we have a personal relationship with God, the creator of all of us, and the one who brings peace to those who love Him. Sounds crazy maybe, but we're UNH students who will say that God works every day in our lives. Here's the secret: He really is true. He really does exist. He really can offer us something better than this. That's the good news.

Look around, life is beautiful! Have you ever seen a sunset? Have you climbed a mountain? Have you held a new-born infant? If you have, then you've felt a sliver of God's love. The Bible says "For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life" (John 3:16). Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. We're not here to shove anything in anyone's face. We are just noticing the pain on campus and we're saying that it's not right, it's not needed, and we can't survive any longer living this way.

Men, this is a challenge for you to look at your fellow-created sisters and to stop seeing them as sex objects to be abused or raped, but start seeing them rather as a gift from God, to be loved and cherished.

Women, this is a challenge for you to look at your fellow-created brothers and to stop fearing them as insensitive abusers or rapists, but start seeing them rather as a gift from God, also to be loved and cherished.

Picture for a moment, just one moment, a world where all of us truly are brothers and sisters, living to make each other's life more abundant. Now for that moment, did you feel warm a bit? If you did, you were touched by God's beauty. Pretty good, huh? It's real.

This is our campus, and it's beautiful. God isn't just a fairy-tale you outgrew. He's real. He's alive today. He desires us to live in Him. Our own rebellion stops us from doing that. Why can't we stop and take His gift? Sounds crazy, but just maybe crazy enough to be true. Have you tried everything else? Well, look around. Can't it get better?

We are real students who feel this way. We are Science majors, we are History majors. We are RA's, we are Hall directors. We are administrators, we are in your classes. We are next door to you. We are real. We desire God's love on this campus, and we say that if it happens, this campus will be shaken up like it had never been before.

Jesus did rise from the dead. Easter just passed, and Bunny and eggs aside, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a historical fact. Want to put it to the test? Get in touch with us and we'll be glad to discuss it. Christianity is an important part of diversity here at UNH. We are not ashamed of the good news. The good news is this: God loves us, every one of us, and we need Him. He offers us eternal peace through His Son, and forgiveness through a personal relationship with Him. Without God, we live in a scary world where life is cold, bitter and brief. We are writing this because we have chosen peace over struggle. Make up your own mind, though. Search, find out; if God is seeking you out, seek back. It'll be worth it. Thank you for your time.

students for God and Peace at UNH:

Brendan Bartlett, Pete Beal, Amy Beck, Meg Bibeau, R.J. Burns, Jennifer Cadieux, Amy Caulkins, Mike Chamberlain, Jenna Christensen, Christopher Clauss, Donna Correnti, Amy Ercolino, Bob Levasseur, Jeff Mangum, Walter Morrissette, Jessica Pedersen, Jane Alexandra Perlino, Karen Reagan, Sarah Robillard, Anastasia Rossi, Kevin Scheirer, Christine Sinels, Mark Sohmer, Karen Tower, Louise Traynor, Ari Wertheimer